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Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Plans, Pricing and Billing 

What subscription options are available?

Konfya is a subscription-based product with 3 types of subscription plans; Standard, Pro and Enterprise. The Standard and Pro plans have monthly and annual contract options and the price is determined by the number of users purchased. The Enterprise plan is for annual contracts only and has custom pricing that is made to fit each client’s use-case. Enterprise plans are typically adopted by larger scale organizations with a high number of locations they need to maintain oversight over. You can find the full detail of the pricing options here.

What are the main differences between the Subscription Plans?

The Standard plan is meant for companies that do NOT need to configure their own protocols and therefore plan to use either Inspectorio’s pre-configured protocols and/or protocols set up by another associated company. A store within a mall that plans to follow the mall’s protocol and nothing more, for example, could use a Standard plan. Furthermore, the Standard plan only allows you to monitor one Facility with your account. So, companies that would like to monitor multiple stores, restaurants, hotels or any other type of facility, would need a Pro or Enterprise account.

The Pro subscription plan is meant for companies that want to configure their own internal protocols and/or want to oversee multiple facilities from the same account. For example, a restaurant chain that wants to oversee its 5 restaurants and ensure they’re all following their company protocols would need a Pro.

Lastly, the Enterprise plan is meant for companies that want:

1.- Dedicated support from an Inspectorian to help them get set up, train their users, set objectives for platform usage, etc.

2.- Advanced features to increase efficiency and security in large organizations like Single Sign On, API integration, automatic CAPA Solution Recommendations, and more

Enterprise plans can also be appropriate for companies that believe that user-based pricing is not appropriate for their business-type and wish to set up different custom pricing. Custom plans of that sort typically start from $15,000 USD per year.

Are all user types priced the same?

For the Standard and Pro plans, all users are priced the same. You get access to a set amount of users seats and you can decide how to distribute those user seats among the different roles in your company. If you believe that your business case requires certain users to be priced differently from the others, then an Enterprise plan may be more suitable for you. Use the “Contact Us” button on konfya.com/pricing to get in touch with our team so we can find a plan that’s suitable for your company’s needs.

Can I purchase different types of Subscription Plans for different users in my company?

Each client of ours can have a single type of subscription plan and all of their users are covered under that unique plan. So, if you purchase a Pro plan, then all your users will be Pro users; same goes for the Standard and Enterprise plans.

Are there other billing options other than monthly and annual?

At the moment, monthly and annual options are the only ones available. Both options are subject to automatic renewal and need to be paid upfront in full before the beginning of the term to retain continued access to the platform

Can I start off with a monthly subscription and move to an annual one afterwards?

Yes, you can! Monthly subscriptions can be a good option if you’d like to try out the platform on your own for a bit before committing to an annual subscription; however, bear in mind that typically monthly subscriptions are fully self-service so if you’d like to receive Inspectorian support to get set up, you should consider starting with an annual plan with a low number of users instead. You can always increase your number of users as you expand your company’s use of the platform!

Implementation and Setup 

How long does it take to get Konfya set up and running?

Typically, for a large company, getting Konfya set up takes about one week. It’s really easy; set up consists of three steps:

    1. Uploading your list of facilities onto the platform
    2. Configuring your first protocol or choosing one from our pre-configured ones
    3. Activating your users (providing them with access and training them)

Companies accomplish these 3 steps at different paces, some do it in a couple of days others in a couple of weeks; however, overall, it’s very fast and straighforward! Step number 2, configuring the protocol, is typically what takes companies the longest, especially if they didn’t already have their protocol well-defined to begin with. If you already know what protocol you’d like to start with, getting started should be very fast!

Do I need to install any software to get started? Do I need Inspectorio’s support to do so?

The Konfya web platform does NOT require any type of software installation; it is accessible from almost any web browser like Google Chrome (recommended) and Safari.

The Konfya mobile app does need to be downloaded and installed into the user’s mobile phone or tablet. Upon purchasing your Konfya Subscription Plan, our Customer Success team will provide you with instructions on how to download the app.

Lastly, to get started, clients do not need any type of Inspectorio support other than to upload your list of facilities to the platform. All other key activities, like managing users, configuring protocols, downloading the mobile app, etc. can be executed by clients independently. For Enterprise clients who would nonetheless like personalized assistance during the Implementation phase, the dedicated account manager will be able to provide all the support needed.

What type of devices can I use to conduct audits?

Audits can be conducted on any web browser like Google Chrome (recommended) and Safari. Also, they can be executed using our mobile app which is available on Android and iOS.

Government and Industry Protocols and Configurations 

How many protocols and checklists can I have on Konfya?

As many as you’d like! There’s no limit on how many protocols and/or checklists that you can have on Konfya. You can use as many of our preconfigured protocols as you’d like and configure as many of your own as you’d like as well!

What type of protocols can I use Konfya for?

Konfya is extremely configurable, so you can use it for virtually any type of protocol or checklist. Below are some examples of common types of protocols our platform can be used for:

Food Safety
Health and Safety
Facility and Machinery Maintenance
Customer Service

Have a different use-case in mind? Reach out to our team and ask whether Konfya can suit your needs, we’ll be happy to advise you on how to best digitize your protocol compliance efforts.

Konfya has a lot of industry and government protocols already on the platform, how do I know if the ones I’m interested in following are already in the system?

Simply reach out to us and ask! We’re constantly adding new protocols and checklists to the system. Click here to send us a message and please include the full name of the protocol you’re referring to and a link to where we can find it online. We’ll let you know if it’s already in the system and, if not, we’ll be happy to add it for you within a matter of a few days if you decide to join the platform!

Can I use government protocol reports on Konfya or the facility QR-code to comply with the authorities’ reporting requests?

You probably can! All governments around the world require companies to report back to them on their compliance to government protocols and regulations; however, in most cases, governments don’t specify what tool needs to be used to generate those reports. Because of this, many businesses still rely on pen and paper to keep compliance logs and then use PDFs and other manually intensive reporting tools to report to the authorities when necessary. In these cases where the authorities do NOT require a specific reporting tool, Konfya reports and/or the Facility QR-Code can likely be used for reporting purposes.

In cases where specific reporting tools and/or platform are required by the authorities, Konfya can still provide companies with a lot of value by helping them better organize their compliance information and make it easier for them to generate those reports for the authorities. All of the report data generated on the platform can be exported to Excel and PDFs, making it really simply to share data with others outside the platform. Rather than keeping track of important information with pen and paper or in disaggregated files on your computer, you can better leverage that data on Konfya with analytics, corrective action plans, etc. and simplify the process of making reports for the authorities.


Note: Each client is responsible for reviewing the legal requirements of their authorities. Inspectorio cannot guarantee that any given government or other 3rd party agency will accept Konfya reports and/or QR-codes.
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