The world is slowly opening up to a new normal. Businesses are opening back up, kids are going to school, people are going to the gym and some are even travelling, but the way they carry these out and all other activities is not the same as before the pandemic. People and businesses are adopting changes to their routines and daily life in general, with the awareness of the continued existence of COVID-19 and how risks can be managed and mitigated. With the World Health Organization announcing that it can take at least 5 years to manage the pandemic, companies are beginning to realize that long-term processes, tools, and strategies need to be put in place to protect their employees, operations, and community from the virus.

At Inspectorio, we recognized this early on, and so we’re proud to announce that we’ve launched Konfya, a product to help companies mitigate the threat of the virus through the end-to-end digitization of Health and Safety protocols, corrective action plans, analytics, and more.

Konfya is a digital platform that helps companies streamline their internal compliance operations and build greater trust in their business through the seamless sharing of select information to government authorities, customers, and more.

With Konfya, you can build, execute, monitor, and adapt protocols to guarantee compliance with operating standards and easily provide stakeholders visibility on this compliance, in real-time.

By leveraging our tried and trusted supply chain software solutions, we’ve been able to rapidly build a product that empowers companies of all sizes to protect their workers and businesses during these difficult times. Like everything else we’ve built, we’ve made Konfya completely configurable so that organizations with all types of operations from different industries can take advantage of the platform’s functions and features according to their specific needs! Our clients who originally began using Konfya specifically for the pandemic have expanded the use of the product to many other areas of their business thanks to its configurability and adaptability.

Konfya has been built to cover the 4 core parts of a successful Risk Management Framework: preparation, prevention, response and recovery. We’ve developed functions to empower business leaders and rest assured they have their bases covered in each of these regards – using a single solution to house their entire risk management processes.

Investing in Health and Safety

It’s evident how hesitant consumers are in resuming business with brands. We see organizations investing heavily in Health and Safety efforts: hiring specialists to develop, execute, and report on Health and Safety protocols, investing in supplies of PPE and disinfectant, enforcing distancing at the workplace, reducing maximum allowed capacity in physical locations for both staff and customers, installing temperature checks at entrances, and more.

All these, however, come with significant costs, but often uncertain returns.

Clients remain cautious, reasonably so, and hesitate to come back even to their previous brand loyalties, instead opting to search for alternatives, or phase out relationships with brands, products, and services – to adapt to the COVID-19 situation. Even if protocols are well-defined and communicated internally, leadership and management won’t always have as much visibility over whether the protocols are followed consistently. The public has even less visibility over these steps and measures, or what progress organizations make to towards making customers feel safe enough to resume business with them. Due to the lack of tools to quantify and qualify issues, identify areas of improvement, measure success, and execute action plans – it becomes a time-consuming process for the right person to get the relevant information to address any issues with compliance to protocols, or manage and mitigate risks. The lack of access and visibility to important information furthermore delays decisions and next steps, which becomes detrimental in times of crisis where the speed and accuracy of response is key.

In most cases, the more money that goes into such efforts brought about more inefficiency. Because while the amount of effort and programs to address health and safety concerns increased, there is an exponential decrease in visibility for the people who need to oversee and evaluate these numerous initiatives. Despite best marketing efforts, people remain unconvinced and skeptical of what organizations are doing, and how successful they are, when they communicate to their audience: “we’re doing everything we can to keep you safe!”

With Konfya, you can turn this struggle into a success story.

Easy Setup

Setup times and costs to get health and safety protocols up and running, or even finding the right health and safety specialists, are always major concerns for any company impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Contrary to many other software tools in the market, Konfya is fully configurable on the user’s end and requires zero involvement from technical teams. Although the platform has all of the powerful technical capabilities that large Fortune 500 companies need, similar to our other offerings to our clients in the supply chain industry, Konfya is ultimately built for simplicity. Regardless of whether you’re a multinational corporation with thousands of facilities and employees, or an independent restaurant or convenience store owner, setting up your Konfya account is incredibly easy.

Konfya lets you configure protocols that can be shared and implemented from the comfort of your own home office, without having to wait on technical support or assistance from an IT department. Konfya allows you to set these protocols up with the same ease as working on presentation slides or worksheets.

User-friendly mobile application

Once protocols are configured, team members can be easily invited to the platform, and complete online courses through our Inspectorio Academy training module. Here, Konfya users learn how to download and install the mobile app, sign in to the company’s account, execute assigned protocols, and ultimately, use the Konfya system effectively.

With the Konfya mobile app, there is no need to memorize extensive health & safety protocols or print them out to carry around and tick boxes, or risk forgetting to execute key tasks throughout the day.  Employees can access all of their company’s protocols pre-loaded in the system, and the app guides them on what they need to do. The Konfya mobile app also lets them take pictures and videos in real-time of the protocols they’re executing, to document steps taken or record evidence of issues found or progress made, and complete questionnaires that capture important aspects of health and safety guidelines in action. These smart protocols take into account how questions are answered, determining which next steps are applicable to show and recommend to employees, covering a wide range of different scenarios.

Once workflows or procedures contained in the protocol are done, users just need  to click on a “Submit Report” button and a report is automatically uploaded to the cloud for all relevant stakeholders to see – whether it be for internal purposes, to present to regional or government authorities, or even to be shared publicly to convey to clients the specific steps you’ve taken and are taking to assure them of their safety and encourage them to continue doing business with you.

Konfya addresses yet another pain point for team members and organizations: resource-consuming, one-time reports. These reports are consolidated and all data is centralized. Konfya tracks trends over time and progress to give you and your audience a comprehensive picture of your journey towards compliance and continuous improvement.

With the Konfya mobile app, you and your employees can feel safe and comfortable enough to perform and be productive for business goals and operations. Konfya lets you take back the resources spent on tasks such as reporting and manually completing and submitting checklists, and direct them towards higher-value efforts, such as taking care of clients, operations, and ensuring your facilities stay free from COVID-19!

Insightful Reporting and Analytics

Konfya’s automatically generated reports all go directly to the cloud and are presented to all relevant stakeholders in a powerful but intuitive format. Users receive email notifications when “things go wrong” with direct links to the reports of the incident. Users are empowered to be more analytical in their H&S efforts with our out-of-the-box analytics, dashboards, tables and more.

On Konfya, with all aspects of protocols being completed digitally, management is only 2 clicks away from identifying something as specific as ‘high-risk facilities in a particular location or area that have an audit score of less than 20%.’ This ability to quickly identify areas and facilities that need help and immediate improvement lets organizations dive deeper and look through the protocol analytics to understand their non-compliance trends. A quick glance at the analytics shows which sections a facility excels at, and which are problem areas. This information enables Konfya users to effectively take action that drive compliance in the right direction.

Automated Smart Corrective Action Plans

After data has been analyzed and the reports are delivered, teams on the ground need to begin working on all the identified areas for improvement.

On Konfya, Corrective Action Plans are automatically generated whenever users report that something does not comply with the configured protocols. These Corrective Action Plans centralize all of the identified issues and areas of improvement, and provide space for the audited facilities to input the Root Cause of the problem, the Resolution, Person In Charge, and Due Date for when the issue will be fixed. Corrective Action Plans on Konfya also come with a Comments space where stakeholders can collaborate and discuss the issues and solutions, and this communication is logged and centralized for everyone’s easy access.

The Corrective Action Plans are “Smart” because you can preload them with your Recommended Resolutions for all the problems that can be identified using your configured protocols. Preloading these recommendations fully automates the typical back and forth that would be had between employees on location and headquarters on what should be done to resolve common problems. For example, something as simple as uploading recommendations on where and how PPE could be requested if stock ran out saves a lot of time and addresses an area of improvement quickly. How quick and easy these recommendations are presented to key personnel ensures there are no excuses when it comes to issue resolution.

Konfya empowers employees and business owners with mobile protocols, automated reports and corrective action plans, recommendations and contingencies for different scenarios – to ensure that health and safety protocols are easy to follow across all levels, implemented correctly, and that all these efforts bring a return on investment.

E-learning: Employee Training & Reporting 

Corrective Action Plans and Recommendations are great. However, sometimes some employees need a bit of an extra push to really understand how to operate in this new normal. In particular, the post-coronavirus reality requires a full change in mindset in terms of how we lead our personal and professional lives; it’s only this change in mindset that’s going to allow the global community to beat this virus and stop it from claiming more lives.

Inspectorio Academy’s COVID-19 Certification Courses helps facilitate this mindset shift. Employers are also provided regular automated reports on completion progress and status, along knowledge checks that provide greater certainty that employees are engaging and absorbing the content, and are well-informed to contribute in the company’s health and safety efforts.

The seemingly small effort to encourage or require employees to complete a short online course of this type will be one of the greatest differentiators between companies that come out of this pandemic stronger and those who lag behind. It’s not enough for management to understand the severity of the situation; efforts need to be made to educate everyone in the company on the gravity of the situation, and are equipped with the tools and awareness to protect themselves and their co-workers, their families and communities, and ultimately, your business.

Share your efforts using Konfya QR-code capabilities

Konfya targets core pain points and enables businesses to operate in a much more transparent, efficient, and risk-free manner. Nonetheless, at Inspectorio we set to solve a problem most organizations may not be aware they have.

Traditional marketing campaigns highlight how an organization “takes health and safety seriously” or “is doing everything it can” to keep workers and consumers safe. However, the new normal also means consumer expectations have changed in what they expect companies to be doing, and what companies communicate. In some of the worst affected countries, everyone is only a few degrees of connection away from someone who died from the virus. Thus, rightly so, consumers want to have as much certainty as possible over the safety of the establishments they’re choosing to frequent.

Konfya’s QR-code capabilities let you share summarized information on your health and safety efforts, progress, and status for your facilities or locations.  These QR-codes direct your audience to you Facility Profile, showing the amount of times a facility has been audited, the level of adherence to protocols, levels of risk, live updates of all other health and safety tasks executed within the system like 3rd party verifications, corrective action plans, and more.

From printing out these QR codes and placing them in areas of immediate visibility, to sharing your facility’s QR code on your social media accounts or marketing campaigns and mailing lists, people can easily scan the code and be presented with the information and assurance they need to return to feel safe, secure, and therefore motivated to resume and maintain business with you.

This function helps communicate to your target groups more clearly that you’re not simply defining a protocol, creating a poster and then forgetting about the subject. Rather, you’re adopting a software tool from one of the leading protocol software companies in the world to give real-time visibility to its customers on the status of their facilities. Nothing beats that level of commitment and execution in order to build consumer trust.

We hope this helps give you an idea of what you can do with Konfya and how it can positively impact your business.
We encourage you to check out our Subscription Plans here, choose the one that’s right for you, and start off your own free trial to see the benefits for yourself!