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Is your business protected against the risks of COVID-19?  

We have been industry leaders in guideline compliance and risk management for years. Now, we are helping organizations to quickly and easily assess their health & safety readiness against government & health authority COVID-19 guidelines.

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New COVID-19 Feature Enhancements!

You asked, we delivered.

Check out the newly developed Konfya features our clients are using to reopen and protect their businesses.

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Ready-made COVID-19 Guidelines

Use our library of ready-made COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and assessments, based on industry best practices and government & health authority mandates, to ensure your business is not at risk.

Put these guidelines into action  across multiple locations – fast.


COVID-19 Updates Dashboard

Receive live updates on your organization’s compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

View real-time operational risk and coronavirus updates side by side – and make data driven decisions to protect your business from further disruption.

Covid19 - Real-time Dashboard by Konfya Inspectorio covid-19 New COVID-19 Feature Enhancements Covid19 Dashboard 1 Mockup S
Academy Konfya covid-19 New COVID-19 Feature Enhancements Academy Mockup Konfya 2

Health & Safety Training Programs

Help your employees to improve and correct non-compliance, with detailed health & safety training programs.

Verify and track training progress in real-time.


Risk Management Framework

After years of developing protocol compliance software for some of the largest companies in the world, Inspectorio is now helping businesses of all sizes battle the pandemic.

Konfya helps organizations to:

1. Prepare

Make sure all your locations are ready to welcome back employees and customers, safely.

2. Prevent

Prevent the spread of Covid-19 at the workplace, by identifying and addressing areas of improvement through quick and automated checklists

3. Respond

Monitor in real-time the risk of Covid-19 in your locations, and use Konfya tell you when and where you need to jump in.

4. Recover

Share your health and safety practices with your customers, employees, and authorities to re-build and maintain trust.

Ready to protect your operations, manage risk and rebuild trust in your business?

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