In the aftermath of a global crisis such as the COVID-19 Pandemic, consumers are more afraid than ever to live their business-as-usual lives. Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, consumer spending has gone down across all industries. Lockdown measures have restricted what we can spend money on, with places such as restaurants and shops closed as part of outbreak prevention efforts.


However, even after lockdowns lift, the general public will be hypersensitive to health and safety issues, and will demand responsibility and action from the businesses they frequent. To rebuild consumer trust, technology will be an indispensable asset to provide visibility on health and safety risks associated with COVID-19, and in protecting workers and customers.

Specifically, the digitization of COVID-19 Protocols can help your business regain consumer trust through QR Code sharing, protect your employees and operations by ensuring protocol compliance for health and safety guidelines in the workplace, and efficiently track your compliance through databases accessible in real-time.

Regaining Consumer Trust

One of the main challenges in the “new normal” the COVID-19 pandemic has created is rebuilding consumer trust. As business-owners seek to recover from the losses of the crisis, trust will be more critical than ever in order to sustain a steady recovery. For businesses to rebuild and maintain consumer trust, leaders will need to focus on the best ways to address the biggest consumer fear caused by the pandemic: contagion.

This can be done through protocols that follow a proper Risk Management Framework which incorporates preparation, prevention, response and recovery steps into the business operations. However, even when such a framework is successfully adopted, how will consumers see and believe that businesses have taken action to prevent contagion and that coronavirus risks are minimized ?

Digital protocols are essential in providing visibility into your health and safety readiness to your customers, which will be key to encouraging customers to return and rebuild trust in your brand. It is not enough to have sheets of paper on your establishment’s bathroom walls with checks showing that it has been cleaned; consumers are demanding a higher degree of reliability on the information regarding the health and security measures taken to prevent contagion in your facilities.

With this in mind, we have created a way of providing your customers with a fast, efficient and digital way of accessing your establishment’s information on compliance in order to mitigate their fear and regain their trust: Konfya allows your customers to easily access your business’ actions to protect their health and security.

Through a unique QR code linked to your establishment’s profile, anyone can easily view what protocols you are following to ensure readiness against COVID-19 risks. For example: instead of using paper checklists that employees sign once a bathroom has been cleaned, you can show your client unlimited and verifiable information on your facility through the QR code. By putting the QR code up at the entrance of your store, restaurant or place of business, or sharing it through your social media platforms, you can attract customers who are hesitant to leave their houses due to the virus and market your establishment as one that is looking out for their health and safety.

This is just one of the benefits of the digitization of protocols which will directly help you in rebuilding customer trust and recover from the economic losses brought by the COVID-19 crisis.

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Protecting Your Employees

Digitizing COVID-19 protocols will not only help rebuild consumer trust, but will also ensure employee protection through verifiable health and security measures, which are linked to your industry’s best practices. Konfya allows you to configure any protocol your establishment may need to follow to ensure coronavirus prevention, depending on the industry, country or region in which your business operates. Konfya also has the ability to host and support existing internal protocols.

But why switch to a digital protocol when your business already follow processes that address the same goals?

With an issue that spreads as quickly as COVID-19, static spreadsheets, presentation slides and documents, and long communications across the chain of command are slow and inefficient.

Businesses, large and small, need to ensure their framework is digital from end to end: execution, monitoring, reporting, corrective action plans, and analytics should live in cloud-based programs for secure remote access, updates. and scalability.

With your digital protocols configured, your employees will be protected and held accountable for following all the steps required to fulfill local or general health and safety requirements. From being able to take pictures of the personal protection equipment used to recording people’s temperature — all steps in the digital protocol are easily accessible and verifiable. Empower your employees to complete self-assessments in your facility at any time, followed by verifications completed by you or managers to ensure compliance. Konfya automatically creates reports from this data, identifying areas of improvement, and allowing you and your employees to collaborate on preventative and corrective actions to manage and mitigate risks. The platform also keeps stakeholders updated on the progress made on these actions giving everyone certainty that health and safety guidelines are followed to protect workers, customers, and the business as a whole.

How will your employees learn to use and follow digital protocols?

To further equip and protect employees and ensure the reliability of the processes and practices you have in place, Konfya trains your staff to successfully use the platform and follow all your configured protocols.

Protecting Business Operations from Disruption

In addition to protecting your employees, configuring digital protocols on Konfya will protect your business operations. How?

When you digitize your protocols, you’re not only shifting away from static documentations and time-consuming communication channels, you’re engaging in a holistic Risk Management Framework. This framework establishes how your company can operate safely and efficiently during the COVID-19 crisis by empowering you to adopt each of the framework’s core components: preparation, prevention, response and recovery.

The first step is Preparation – where all medium to longer term measures you put in place to ensure your business is ready to respond effectively if an issue arises. When you shift to digital protocols using Konfya, we provide all the tools you need to prepare your operations and your employees for anything that may come up. In parallel to the training on how effectively use the digital tools, we provide training courses for your employees on how to best manage your operations with Health and Safety e-Learning courses.

Once preparation is done correctly, Prevention accounts for all the steps you take every day in your establishments to ensure mitigate COVID-19 contagion. These include temperature checks, disinfection of employees and clients/providers who enter the facility, etc. Prevention measures are extremely important since these are the ones that, if followed correctly, reduce the risks the most. However, they can be very expensive to track!

With the pressure to follow these in order to operate, many organizations are making significant investments in daily prevention measures. Nonetheless, because of the lack of time and proper preparation, these steps have often been executed inefficiently and have not brought enough return of investment. With no close end date to the pandemic, businesses need to adopt smarter and more modern approaches to their coronavirus preventive actions, and the easiest way to do so is digitizing protocols.

When prevention measures are digitized, all involved parties have more immediate access to relevant information and process-compliant next steps and action plans when an issue arises. If anyone presents any COVID-19 symptoms, you will have all the tools to quarantine a single employee instead of having to close your entire facility. Konfya empowers you to set dynamic and automatic response plans that can be accessed and executed through any mobile device. This not only protects your operations, but also empowers your employees to help you run your business safely.

When both your employees and your operations are protected, your business is secure and in a confident position to produce and offer the best possible products or services to your customers. This will continue to build customer trust and support your commerce’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Tracking Compliance to Health and Safety Protocols

The digitization of protocols brings much more than access to current processes through a digital device. With Konfya, digitizing your protocols will differentiate your business from any other, giving you the tools to prepare your stakeholders on best risk mitigation practices, empowering you and your employees to use digital tools to follow and verify all the steps for compliance to coronavirus prevention policies, and will allow you to track progress throughout these processes. Automatic reports generated every day when completing a protocol assessment with our platform, will not only be visible in real-time to you, but also to your customers and anyone interested in making sure your facility is safe and healthy! Everything will be put together in one place for you to access. If the authorities come knocking at your door tomorrow, or you face customer concerns and questions, you’ll have all the proof in hand to show you’ve been compliant with health and safety protocols, and you’re doing everything you can to protect your customers, employees, and mitigate risks.

Adopt a modern approach to tackle the pandemic and rebuild customer trust, spend your time and money efficiently – protect your employees and your business! Contact us to learn more.