Corporación Favorita Transforms Protocols with Digital Technology

The challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic brought are reflected in organizations around the world. The “new normal” has forced organizations to implement stricter health and safety protocols in the workplace, and increased the need to review compliance with these protocols in real-time. This necessity turned out to be an opportunity to optimize all types of processes beyond the pandemic. The digitization of protocols and processes is now essential and a valuable asset for companies to operate in an agile and competitive way.

In the case of Corporación Favorita, one of the largest commercial and industrial companies in Ecuador, adopting Konfya has allowed them to improve the standardization of biosecurity processes and protocols in 175 stores across the country. Konfya also facilitated the implementation of corrective actions and preventive actions in stores with potential high risk. Real-time reports and updates in relation to their compliance assessments, enabled Corporación Favorita and its subsidiaries: Supermaxi, Megamaxi, Akí Vecino, Akí, Súper Akí, Gran Akí, Titán, Juguetón, Super Saldos and Möblart, to take immediate actions to adapt to the reality of the different establishments and manage risk mitigation and continuous improvement plans across the company.

The need to adopt digital strategies

With the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, many of the most innovative companies have considered implementing digital solutions, as a means to become more prepared towards the uncertainty of the future. According to Ernst & Young, many companies see the adoption of digital technologies as a risk; however, the pressing need to operate with speed and agility in the market has become an imperative, the real risk lies with not being able to compete and fulfill the demands and expectations of their clients.

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For example, the standardization of processes gives companies a competitive advantage in the market. Organizations that are willing to adopt new technologies can obtain real-time visibility over their operational processes across different establishments, identify areas to improve, and optimize resources by not having to produce manual reports. With the implementation of digital checklists, companies can guarantee consistency, optimizing and automating operations from end-to-end.

Beyond these advantages, to adopt and embrace digitization can bring great benefits in the long-term. The use of reliable data in a company can inform about the reality of its operations, and empower the staff to work together to resolve problems and manage change proactively. According to McKinsey & Company, the companies that have a consolidated structure for data analytics can reduce costs by minimizing operational risk, which can be a consequence of poor quality data and analysis for decision-making. On top of collecting data, companies must know how to manage and visualize data, a challenge that is resolved with technology designed to adapt to the needs of every organization.

Another priority for firms must be to allow establishments to conduct self-assessments and implement plans for improvement in real-time. If the goal of a company is to maintain or grow its operations on a large scale, empowering the staff with digital technologies is a strategy to consider. How can companies incentivize the adoption of digital technologies in all their employees? One of the biggest challenges on this area is the adoption of new technologies by frontline workers. Having access to the necessary tools to operate efficiently from any device and at any time is key if organizations wish to transform themselves in to a company of the future.

The impact of digitizing protocols in Corporación Favorita

Corporación Favorita, being one of the largest organizations in Ecuador,  has used the Konfya platform to execute over 15,000 compliance assessments in 175 stores across the country. The standardization of health and safety protocols has allowed Corporación Favorita to gain visibility over all of its establishments in real-time.

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The automation of processes and protocols, alongside the reports and analytics on every assessment, have improved efficiency in risk management. Corporación Favorita’s employees have access to assessments and checklists from mobile devices, which has increased visibility over the reality on the ground of different establishments, no matter their location. During the first month using Konfya, Corporación Favorita has increased protocol compliance by 12%. This is evidence that compliance with protocols and processes increases efficiency, reduces risks, and helps to obtain greater returns on investment.

Data visualization that comes from daily assessments has helped Corporación Favorita identify issues that appear often and work on improving them. The easy and personalized standard and assessment configuration on the Konfya platform has enabled Corporación Favorita to make immediate adjustments to mitigate risk and administrate hundreds of establishments from one place.

After the adoption of Konfya, Corporación Favorita has experienced enhanced visibility over its operations, managed potential risks efficiently, and implemented plans for continuous improvement.

How Konfya has helped Corporación Favorita optimize operations

Standardization of protocols and processes

Having well-defined standards and being able to communicate them efficiently across the entire company is very important to create consistency, and control operational activities and potential risks. Organizations that practice process standardization can increase agility, and build a strong competitive advantage and plans to improve.

Sebastián Ruiz, Corporación Favorita’s Chief Operating Officer, says that “the standardization of processes and protocols […] helped to level actions for all the stores,” since all the establishments have visibility and access to the same standards and assessments.

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Automation of reports and corrective action plans

Reports generate automatically on the Konfya platform, alongside corrective action plans that facilitate a dialogue between team members to ideate and implement solutions.

Sebastián Ruiz, Chief Operating Officer, comments that due to the automation of reports, the Corporación Favorita staff do not have to use their time tabulating checklists manually, which reduces costs related to these low value-added activities.

In the same way, the utilization of Konfya’s automatic reporting system has been especially impactful for Corporación Favorita to receive and download the results of the assessments in real-time.

Risk management in establishments across the country

Managing operational risk is more efficient with Konfya, since Corporación Favorita has found an easier way to identify establishments in which compliance with processes and protocols must improve. This created an opportunity to implement corrective action plans designed according to the specific risk level of every establishment. The risk level is identified through data that comes from the assessments.

According to Sebastián Ruiz, Konfya “has helped us because we cannot visit 175 establishments every month; in the stores in which we see a low score, we can create corrective action plans to work with them.”

Personalized configuration to adapt to the reality of establishments in real-time

The personalization options available on the Konfya platform enabled Corporación Favorita to create standards for all its establishments and, later on, configure relevant questionnaires for stores in different regions of the country, where realities are different.

Sebastián Ruiz, Chief Operating Officer, also mentions that Konfya’s technology has been well-received in the establishments since “questionnaires can be generated and executed from a mobile device,” and the questionnaires can be edited to adapt to the situations that arise daily and become evident thanks to the analytics and data visualization features of the Konfya platform.

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Konfya optimizes compliance with processes and protocols

The digitization of processes is not only necessary as a consequence of the Covid-19 crisis, but it will be a great differentiator for companies that are ready to operate in a dynamic and changing market. Many organizations have decided to start their digital transformation journey, since they recognize the value of automation in the present and the future.

The digitization, automation, and optimization of processes and protocols is what will allow companies to be agile and successful, and prepared to confront any challenge, no matter their size.

The technology of Konfya by Inspectorio helps companies achieve their compliance goals, optimize resources, and manage risk to obtain greater returns on investment.


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