Who are we?

Inspectorio is a diverse, global team made up of engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and other with multidisciplinary backgrounds. We aim to provide revolutionary technology to transform the way businesses inspect, audit and assess their facilities and partners.

History of Inspectorio

Founded in 2016, Inspectorio set out to revolutionize the supply chain industry. Now in 2020, we work with many of the world’s leading brands and retailers, and over 15,000 vendor and factory organizations across the globe, to establish trust and confidence with the most important player in the global production chain – consumers.

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Now in 2020 we are expanding our vision, and are launching our newest product – Konfya!

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What does Konfya mean?

Konfya, or ‘Confia’ means to trust. Now organizations from all types of industries can benefit from our best-in-class compliance and risk assessment software – and restore trust in their business operations.

Ready to be part of the Inspectorio Journey?


At Inspectorio, our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions.
The following core values define what’s important to us at Inspectorio
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You want to become the best in what you do.


You pursue Mastery and Craftsmanship.


You have a thirst for knowledge and an always increasing standard for the output of your work.


You always find time to help and learn from others.


You share information and knowledge openly and proactively.


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You don’t wait for anyone to tell you what to do.


You look for guidance, alignment and clear goals. Not for orders or instructions.


You use the best of your abilities to continuously innovate and improve your work, your team and Inspectorio.


You self-assess the impact of your work and continuously look for better ways to increase your impact.
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You say and do what is right, even if it is not the popular thing to do.


You are candid and direct in your communication.


You only say things about team members that you would say it in their face.


You call it out when you see team members act against our values.


You are willing to experiment and try new things.


You embrace the risk and uncertainty of the unknown.
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You don’t care about the awards but the learning and experience.


You recognize that every person has something to teach you, so you are curious and pay attention to recognize those opportunities to learn.


You focus on listening more than talking.


You recognize that ego and vanity are the worst enemies of great ideas and outstanding products

Push the limits of your comfort zone, and take chances. No one ever revolutionized an industry by playing it safe.

Carlos MoncayoCEO