What is Konfya?

Konfya is a digital tool that enables organizations to configure, execute and monitor all kinds of guidelines and protocols across all of their establishments. In simple terms, it is an app that helps businesses manage their compliance processes, increasing efficiency, visibility and making it easier to get returns on their compliance efforts!

Konfya is designed to help you easily digitize and operate any external or internal protocols or checklists your facilities need to follow. After choosing an already configured protocol from our library or configuring your own, you can perform all your compliance audits with our software, which automatically generates an audit score, an audit report and a CAPA (Corrective Action and Preventative Action plan) when an issue arises. We store and centralize all your data in one place to make it easy for you to access it and analyze it with our insightful analytics tool. Plus, through Konfya, you can share your compliance data with anyone at any time: from your employees, to customers or authorities that may come knocking at your door.

You can use Konfya from most web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and you can also download it into Android and iOS auditing mobile devices. We will give you the tools to start, onboard your facilities and employees and empower you to customize your cloud platform to fit all your compliance processes.

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Why Konfya?

Using Konfya to optimize and automate your protocol compliance processes can bring you a number of benefits. From improving efficiency to getting more visibility on their operations, Konfya can help businesses get higher returns on their protocol compliance efforts!

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On Konfya you can configure your own protocol checklists or use some of Inspectorio’s ready-made templates that are based on government regulations that are relevant to your industry. Our easy set up will help you create a simple, straightforward process for your employees to follow. You can give your employees access to these protocols in a user-friendly mobile app that they can use to perform an audit at any given time.

Konfya also optimizes the reporting process as it automatically generates an audit report for all audits completed by your employees. In this process alone, companies can save tens of thousands of dollars since they no longer have to spend time filling out PDF’s, moving pictures and videos from one place to another and so on. Furthermore, Konfya’s Corrective Action module finds and summarizes all issues found in a report (based on your preconfigured rules) and guides your team to determine corrective and preventative action plans accordingly to ensure efficient continuous improvement of your compliance processes.

Whether you are a restaurant owner looking to digitize your sanitation compliance or an event planner who wants to make sure that everything is in place for the show to go on, Konfya is the right digital tool to make this happen as efficiently as possible.

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Konfya helps you stay up to date with your business and employees’ health & safety, environmental, technical or operational compliance at all times. With Konfya’s real-time monitoring platform, businesses get up to date visibility into their operations through our strategic compliance dashboard and get notified instantly when something goes wrong. Then, get further visibility into all your compliance data with our insightful analytics tool.

Our analytics allow you and your team to easily identify where your operations need support so you can allocate resources more efficiently. Thus, when results and risks are automatically identified and analyzed for you, you can make better and more informed decisions about your compliance processes and take control of your operations management.

Build Trust

Konfya allows you to quickly and easily share your compliance efforts (and results) with your customers and restore trust in your business.

Now, more than ever, consumers expect transparency from the businesses they shop at. They expect to know where your products came from, whether you have fair hiring practices, whether you are environmentally friendly, etc. As consumers become more demanding, companies need to find ways to not only tell customers about their efforts to become greener, safer, better, but now companies need to show these efforts to their customers.

On Konfya, we offer you a key tool to share your compliance data with whomever you choose to do so: a unique QR Code. You have full control over what data you want to share and when, you can leverage this to get a greater return on your protocol investments. Next time the authorities come knocking at your door asking for paperwork, simply provide them with the QR-code and tell them they do not need to ask you for information again, your most up-to-date data will always be available through that dynamic QR-code.

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How to start using Konfya?

To start using Konfya, just choose your preferred subscription plan and we will support you to easily set up within a couple of days. Just by following these simple steps, you can complete the installation and activation of your compliance software:

    1. Send us your list of facilities (where you want to perform all your compliance audits) so we can onboard them into the platform
    2. Create your own custom checklists/protocols in the Konfya system or choose from our library of industry and government guidelines and protocols
    3. Activate your users (providing them with access and training them, which we can help you to do!)
    4. Download our mobile app to enable all auditing mobile devices
    5. Start performing all your compliance audits with Konfya!

Join Konfya today! We are excited to support you in your efforts to increase efficiency in your protocol compliance processes, give you more visibility into your operations and help you get returns as quickly and as easily as possible by giving you the tools to rebuild your customers’ trust.

Contact us if you have any questions or want to know more about Konfya!